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• critic and art historian. Lectures in criticism, art and contemporary design at the Universitat de Barcelona and Universitat Ramon Llull. (University of Barcelona and University of Ramon Llull)

• has a PhD in History of Art and a degree in Medieval History, from the Universitat de Barcelona.

• as a teacher gives specialist lectures on contemporary art, criticism, architecture and design in various courses, seminars and conferences. Teacher on the Masters programmes: “Production and Artistic Research” in the Faculty of Fine Art (UB), ‘Arte Actual: Análisis y Gestión (Art Today: Analysis and Management) at the Instituto IL3 (UB), ‘Crítica y proyectos’ (Criticism and Projects) (UPC), and for the seminar ‘Los límites del Arte’ (The limits of Art) (URV), sessions in ‘Ciudadanía y código abierto’ (Citizenship and Open Code) at QUAM 2010, the workshop ‘Fundamentals of Critical Thinking” in the programme of advanced studies in contemporary art, A*STUDY, ‘Taller de escritira crítica'(A workshop in critical writing) at the La Regenta centre, the seminar ‘Portafolio de artista’ (The artist’s portfolio) at Lugar a dudas (Cali), and in the programme ‘Art Now’ of Terrassa ArtsVisuals, amongst many others.

• Has received numerous prizes and research awards, including the Pilar Juncosa Award from the Fundació Miró in Palma, a Beca per la recerca fora de Catalunya (grant for research outside Catalonia) from the Department of the President of the Generalitat de Catalonia, an AECID grant for research into contemporary art in Colombia.

• curator of several historical exhibitions looking at Spanish avant-garde art [Olga Sacharoff, Marià Andreu, De Sucre, ADLAN, Club 49, Salvat-Papasseit] and many dedicated to contemporary artists [Carlos Pazos, Eugènia Balcells, Perejaume, Concha Jerez, Francesc Abad, Rogelio López-Cuenca, Mireia Sallarès, etc]. Has also developed exhibition projects based on works in the collection at IVAM [El crític riu] and MACBA [Espais Obrats] and multiple collaborations with different museums, contemporary art spaces and art competitions [Visions de Futur].

• awarded prizes for art programming from the Catalan Association of Art Critics (ACCA) in 1997, for criticism with the Espais Prize in 1999 and for Production Centres from the Catalan Association of Art Critics (ACCA) in 2013.

• as a director published El gran arte de la Arquitectura, Salvat Editores; El Arte del siglo XX , Salvat Editores and other multimedia publications about art and design, for the publishers Planeta, Loft and Editions B.

essayist with articles published in various catalogues and other art publications [Natures. Una travessa per l’art contemporani, MACBA; La crítica de arte, El Serbal; Authentic Fiction, ACTAR; Impasse 11. Veinte años. Antología de la producción textual del arte reciente a Cataluña, Paeria of Lleida; Más es más. Sociedad y cultura en la España democrática, 1986-2008, Vervuert Verlag, etc.] and contributes to various magazines [A*Desk, Lápiz, Transversal, Matèria], while also teaching short courses and seminars on art criticism and contemporary artistic practice.

• director of the contemporary art programme at the Patronat Municipal de Cultura in Mataró (1993-2000). She formed part of the programming committee (CP) for HANGAR (www.hangar.org), was a tutor in curating for the programme Barcelona Producció’11, a member of the management council of Can Xalant Centre de Creació i Pensament Contemporani (www.canxalant.org), and of the jury for the Biennal de Valls 2013 and the Sala d’Art Jove 2014 (www.saladartjove.cat/). Founding member of the Association ACM (www.acm-art.net) and the company Arts Coming (www.artscoming.com)

associate of the Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo (IAC), the Fundació Història del Disseny (FHD) and ICOM.

professional research profile:

Art critic / History and criticism of Spanish art today / Theory and history of Criticism / Art and society / Art and feminism / Art and urban culture / Art and cultural policies in democracy / Theory and history of design and contemporary art/

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